Come and Volunteer for Us!

At STaSS we love having volunteers!

You can volunteer to be a:

  • Admin

An admin worker will be tasked with picking up phone calls, writting accurate messages,filing paperwork and other tasks that help the smooth running of the offie, although not the most exciting job it allows you to be part of a team and help in providing the right services.

  • Fundraiser                 

A fundraiser will participate and host events to help raise money for the charity.                                                                             

  • Outreach worker 

An outreach worker will be tasked with accompanying staff to events, giving talks and helping in delivering training. You will have an oppurtunity to contribute in the services that STaSS provdies.

  • Trustee

A trustee is a  member of a board given control of administration of property in trust with a legal obligation to administer it solely for the purposes specified. A trustee will be part of team whose soul interest is the efficient running of the charity.